战略目标[Strategic objectives]


        Jiangsu Cell Tech Research Institute Co. Ltd. (hereinafter called " Cell Tech ") is a high-level new research and development institution of Nanjing, which has built an innovative team led by academicians and formed an international innovative biological drug pipeline system with distinctive characteristics. Cell Tech has received strong support from Nanjing, Nanjing Jiangning District and Nanjing Jiangning Hi-tech Zone. Boston 3T Biotechnologies INC. (hereinafter called "3T"), the implementation unit of collaborative innovation center, was founded in Boston in 2011. It has unique advantages in new technology development, innovation project reserve, information resource acquisition, overseas talent gathering and policy promotion. Under the guidance of the Management Committee of Jiangning Hi-tech Zone, we will give full play to the comprehensive advantages of information resources, human resources and project resources at home and abroad, establish and strengthen the city's overseas collaborative innovation center, and ensure its effective operation. The strategic objectives include: rational planning of infrastructure construction, system integration of domestic and foreign resources docking, promoting the introduction of advanced biomedical achievements, steadily implement Jiangning advantage publicity and promotion, solid improvement of operation management.

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